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Questions and Answers

  • What are advantages of tempered glass panel?
  • It is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, color does not fade with time and it’s possible to  operate even with wet hands.


  • Can I use Livolo dimmer switch with LED light?
  • You can use our dimmer switches with LED lights but make sure that your dimmer is not using transformer.

  • Why there is no Livolo logo on crystal panels?
  • This decision has been made by Livolo manufacturer to produce the logo free panels to be used in Europe. The reason is that in some European countries customers had difficulties to place the panels in the correct direction and the logo was limiting them. The panel without logo makes it possible to place the panel in whatever direction.


  • When I turn on the switch does it have light?
  • Yes, all our touch switches have led indicators, turn on the switch – red indicator, turn off the switch – blue indicator.


  • Can I use it with energy-saving lamps or LED lamps?
  • Yes, our switches can work with energy-saving lamps and LED lamps as long as the wattage is more than 1W.


  •  How many circuits may I control with touch remote control (LV-RMT-03)?
  • The maximum possible circuits is 10. Please note that each remote control can control only 2 dimmer switches. 


  • What kind of lamps can be fit with Livolo dimmer switch?
  • Filament lamp and dimmable LED lamp. All bulbs works with mechanical dimmer, works with ours, only the wattage should be 5-500W.


  • Can I use Livolo switches outside the building?
  • Livolo switches  are built for indoor use therefore it's not recommended to be used outdoor. You may only use Livolo doorbell switch outside if and only if it will not come in contact with rain. The operation environment for Livolo switches is -30~70 centigrade; less than 95% RH.


  • Can I install the switch vertically?
  • Sure, any pose.


  • Why does my light keep flashing?
  • This problem happens when your circuit doesn't reach a minimum of 15W in order to work properly. Please note that the minimum power for dimmer switch is 25W.


  • Can switch work with home automation system?
  • It depends, if the system only needs a signal On/Off, it can be. Otherwise, our switch is not suitable for home automation system, because the codes are different.


  • Do you have an intermediate switch?
  • Yes, our 2 way switch also can be an intermediate switch, you can connect three 2 way switches together.


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